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Name: An Admirer
Comments: To G, the tattoo, henna and piercing artist- I am very happy with my tattoo of a rose. It really is cool. I wouldn't have let anyone else work on me. Thanks lady. You go tattoo lady.

Name: lisaT
Comments: miss ya girl...Lis

Name: Tommy
Comments: G i think everything you do is great.Keep up the good work.

Name: Christina
Comments: G i love my tattoo of the flower band around my ankle IM glad I meet you cuz I wouldn't trust anyone else to mark my body....i love the work you do and hope to see you again for some more body markings......keep up the great work peace....

Name: Lisa Lisa
Comments: Dude, I love your stuff. It all looks so awesome pawsome. Keep up the brialliance. I can not wait till I figure out my design 4 my tatt but am so stoked for when I do get it....Lisa

Name: Sasha
Comments: I had always wanted a tattoo but never really thought I would get one. Luckily I have known G for a long time, so I feel really comfortable with her and have only the deepest of respect for her. She is the truest and one of the most honest friends I have, which is why I love her so much. To have her work on me is not only an honor but the lasting ink itself takes on more meaning and sentiment. Besides that I am a real pain in the ass, and I believe only she possess the patience to deal with me.You rock G, watching you improve is making me ink thirsty!!!-Sasha

Name: Bobby G
Email: bbshtsk@aolcom
Comments: G-Money, I am proud to have you as a tattooin fool for a sister! Only you will ever tat my bad-ass, Riza! Thank you for supportin my ink habit and for being the best tattoo artist that has ever done work on my bod! I am thankful to God for your game! Keep on tattin! Love your blood and canvas. Oh, and those of you who do not have my sis tat your skin, beware of Bobby G!

Name: Trevor a.k.a. T-dogg
Email: unknown
Comments: Many have inked, few have immortalized!! The work I have received by "G" is by far the greatest I have encountered, and the most original anyone will encounter. For those of you who doubt, I say one thing. Try it before you knock it, you might be surprised.. "G", great work see you soon for the rest of the sock, keep inking, keep thinking, and keep it real.. Oh yeah, Haylea says HI~!!! Peace and chicken grease.....T-Dogg

Name: Sage
Comments: G-What a pleasure it has been to have found you after all these years..You've always meant so much to me. What a coincidence it is that you are an artist and I love art!! I give you my is forever yours and only yours to ink is my honor to wear your spiritual work on my skin..Love Sage

Name: Vicky
Comments: Hey Hey Gina- Thanks for doing such a GREAT job on my butterfly!! I love it! You are a wonderful person and a awesome artist!! Take Care =)~

Name: Amber Doe
Comments: HEY G MONEY. Your web site is VERY COOL. You did a really good job. You are a very talented artist and a very very cool person. Love you lots.. :-D

Name: Johnny G
Comments: Gbone, I have to say you are the BEST at what you do! You are most definitely gifted. My HUGE ARMS with TATS prove that to be the truth.
GOD love you Sis. Johnny

Name: :)
Email: Unknown
Comments: Several things people do are to be left unknown to the rest of the world, and only a select few will know all your secrets. My piercings are private indulgences that I have chosen to engage in, but as far as the artist behind the magic, that is something I am willing to advocate. G~ Thank you for giving me the Safe haven to explore and express my most Taboo desires.
-One love

Name: Megan and Thomas
Comments: G- This is Thomas and Megan. Like the pic of Megan's star! Looks really good.

Name: Brett Dog
Email: ?
Comments: she slips across the wet cement like a snake, smooth long strides, and holds my heart in her smile. What up G-bone?

Name: Jasmine
Comments: I Had my tongue pierced for a couple weeks now and G answered all my questions (like 100,000,000 of them lol) without a problem she mad cool and is very helpful if you want to know anything about a tattoo or piercing before or after you get anything done she the one to ask lol.

Name: Kathy
Comments: G, you are damn good at what you do. I am extremely pleased with my cover up tatt that you did for me, and you were very gentle with my tongue piercing. I always recommend you to anyone I hear talking about tatts or piercings, and your webpage is always posted on my favorite sites. Keep doing what you do, because you do it very well!

Name: Kari
Comments: Well G, I've known you a long time now. I'll always look at the ink from you and remember how much of a cool person you were to me. You have helped me through some troubled times and made me feel comfortable enough to trust you with some major events in my life(not just inking certain parts of my body). You're a great artist with a big heart and I'll always remember you. I wish you the best in the future and I'll be back for more ink. Take care girl, love ya!!!

Name: Good Girl
Comments: Gypsy G is so helpful she answered all my questions with no problem and helped me keep my piercing healthy and infection free lol she should write a book about tattoos and piercing cause she really knows her stuff.

Name: Pat Williams
Email: bjt_Williams2431@damailb
Comments: Cool site.

Name: Paul
Email: unknown
Comments: Very well laid out site, links are great - your talents are greater - anyone desiring a tat or piercing would be foolish to go anywhere else. From what you explained to me just the hygiene / meticulous cleanliness of the items are reason alone to use your great services regularly and often!

Name: Jay
Comments: G. you did an awesome job on my first tattoo. I plan to come in soon for the "Family First" on my forearm.

Name: Pricilla <33
Email: N/A
Comments: I Saw My Daddys Tattoo On Here Of My Name And It Came Out Good!Lets Hope He Lets Me Get One Next.


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